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Who’s on First?

by Hans Bluedorn

Below we’ve linked to a video of Abbot and Costello’s famous "Who’s on First?" comedy routine:

Abbot and Costello fail to communicate. Each of them makes sense to himself, but the other guy doesn’t get it. This is okay - it happens to all of us. What makes this skit funny and ridiculous is that neither of them is able to change the way he speaks. They say the same thing over and over, hoping the other guy will eventually understand. Have you done this?

Also, Abbot and Costello commit a fallacy in this video. What is the name of this fallacy?

Dear Hans and Nathaniel,

You have some celebrity status here in Western NY. My classes and I talk about you all the time. The word on the street is that Logic is their favorite class.

This is the second year I have taught a logic class and this year I have two classes. Every one has been a blessing. Thanks for writing such a fun book, and for keeping up the website that goes along with it.

I just found Laura Xentara’s bread test. I know the kids will have fun studying for the final with these new examples. Linda

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