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Obama Avoids Question

by Hans Bluedorn

Avoiding the Question is a common fallacy. People do this a lot!

NEWS REPORTER CODY: Senator Bill, do you think Senate Bill 747 will save money?

SENATOR BILL: Well, Cody, I just want to say the healthcare system in America is broke. Just yesterday I was walking downtown and I met this homeless guy. He was homeless, but even more, he was without heathcare! I think he needs help. Until America wakes up, we’re all in trouble!

Notice how Sentator Bill ignores Cody’s question. He talks about something else - what he wants to talk about. He says nothing about Senate Bill 747. If News Reporter Cody asked Senator Bill about the space program, Senator Bill would give the same answer.

Fox News Interviews President Obama

Fox News asks President Obama questions in this beginning of this video, but Obama avoids the questions. What is a question Obama avoids in this video?

Fox News Interviews Rush Limbaugh

Fox News asks Rush Limbaugh questions in this video, but Limbaugh answers different questions. What is a question Limbaugh avoids in this video?

Has anyone ever avoided a question you asked? Do you think it is okay to hijack a conversation to say what you want?

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