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‘Make a Fallacy’ Contest

by nbluedorn

Create an example of your favorite fallacy and win $40.00!

Jenny: You shouldn’t buy that car with your credit card!
Bert: Oh, it’s okay. My uncle says it’s actually good to run up a bunch of credit card debt. He says it helps my credit rating. He’s smart . . . he works for NASA.
Jenny: Uh, NASA?
Bert: Oh, he knows about money. He’s been through bankruptcy court several times.

Send your example fallacy to us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) before December 24th and we’ll pick our three favorite examples. The winners will each receive a $40.00 gift certificate.

(a) We will accept photographs, drawings (like a cartoon), graphic design (like an advertisement), videos, or written examples. (b) Your submission must only contain your original work, or work that you have the right to use - no copyrighted photographs or music or other media. (c) If you submit a video, it must be on the web site. (d) By submitting an example you give us permission to use that example on our web site. (e) You should include the name of the fallacy(s) to make it easier for us to figure out!

We will judge each example fallacy on whether it is an (1) accurate and (2) clear example of that fallacy, whether it is (3) original and (4) memorable. We prefer examples from ordinary life because these show creativity. (Political examples are too easy.) We like humor, but serious examples are good too.

The deadline is December 24th - send your examples soon!

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