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Bread Fallacy Quiz

by nbluedorn

(This test was created by Laura Xentaras (copyright 2009) and edited by Nathaniel Bluedorn.)

Name the fallacy in each example below:

1. Bread is bad for you because it contains things that aren’t good for you.

2. According to polls, 98% of Americans believe bread is the primary cause of obesity.

3. Jesus said he is “the bread of life.” We shouldn’t touch other kinds of bread if we want to call ourselves Christians.

4. President Obama says we should eat two slices of bread every day. But he’s a Democrat. He can’t possibly know what he’s talking about.

5. Either you become addicted to eating bread and die, or you don’t eat it at all. Choose wisely or suffer the consequences.

6. Why do you want to torment me with your blatant bread-eating?

7. The Assyrians, one of the most violent civilizations, were among the first to bake and consume bread. Unless we want to become like them, we should not eat bread.

8. Since bread is obviously bad for us, we should avoid water as well. Everyone knows bread is made with flour and water.

9. According to Mrs. Xentaras - the lady at the post office - bread consumption by children lowers their score on the IOWA test. We should keep children from all forms of bread.

10. Of course we shouldn’t follow Mrs. Xentaras’s advice. I saw her eating a bread soup bowl on her lunch break.

11. All people with last names that start with an “X” are hypocrites. Mrs. Xentaras told us not to eat bread, and then she ate bread herself.

Bread Fallacy Quiz Answers: (1) Circular Reasoning, (2) Appeal to the People, (3) Equivocation, (4) Ad Hominem, (5) Either-Or, (6) Loaded Question, (7) Genetic Fallacy, (8) Whole-to-part, (9) Faulty Appeal to Authority, (10) Tu Quoque, (11) Hasty Generalization.

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