Mystery of the Missing Mask
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Answers to: “Circumstantial Evidence”

by Hans Bluedorn

Many people have responded with bits of advice for Constable Dobson – telling him what he should do next to solve the mysterious murder of Lord Laudmoore. The constable is a busy man, but he is reading your suggestions and will take action soon.

Here are the answers to last Logic Loop’s quiz: “Circumstantial Evidence.” I have written the answers below each quote. The winners of the quiz were: Julie Sanford and John Stewart.

*  SEEDY SAM: “No, I didn’t shoot Lord Laudmoore through the window.”

[Probably true. Evidence #3, #4, and #8 support this. ]

*  JOE THE CHAUFFEUR: “I was supposed to drive Lord Laudmoore somewhere at 8:00 this morning. I was waiting for him, but he never came. At 9:00 I unlocked the house and went in looking for him. I found him in his study just like you see him now. Then I called the police.”

[Possibly true. We have no evidence indicating this is what he did, it is only possible.]

*  DAVID McLURE: “Murdered, you say? That’s bad! I was invited to his house last evening to have dinner. I remember there was a man named Doctor Radcliff there as well. I don’t remember noticin’ anythin’ out of the ordinary. The doctor left around 9:30 and I left around 10:00. Lord Laudmoore let me out.”

[Improbable. Due to evidence #9, we know David did not leave through the front door, so he must have left through some other door. It seems improbable that Lord Laudmoore would have let him out a back door or window.]

*  JOE THE CHAUFFEUR: “Maybe a shot from the Lord’s gun ricocheted off the wall, bounced off the coal scooper, then came around and killed him? I’ve seen it happen in movies.”

[Improbable or impossible. The physics seem a bit stretched here.]

*  DR RADCLIFF: “Yes, I had dinner there last night. It was t-bone steak, that was the main course I believe – prepared by Lord Laudmoore’s housekeeper, Martha. After dinner we talked for a while. A young man named David McLure was there as well. I guess Laudmoore had invited him. He seemed like a nice chap.”

[Possibly true, if we only consider the circumstantial evidence collected. But, if we consider the testimony of David McLure, who says Radcliff had dinner with him that night, we can say this is probably true.]

*  JOE THE CHAUFFEUR (indicating the revolver found on the floor): “Yes, that is Lord Laudmoore’s revolver. He normally kept it in his desk drawer.”

[Possibly true. We have no evidence either way on this.]

*  MARTHA THE HOUSEKEEPER: “That figurine must have been broken last night. I remember I dusted them yesterday afternoon and none were broken then.”

[Probably true. Evidence #7 says that there was dust from the figurine on Lord Laudmoore's coat, meaning that the figurine was probably broken at the time of his death – this supports Martha.]

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