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Traditional Logic by Martin Cothran

by nbluedorn

In this text, Mr. Cothran teaches traditional Aristotelian logic as that subject was taught prior to any developments in the past few centuries. In this sense I believe he has done an excellent job. Many logicians would contend, however, that modern practical innovations – such as Venn diagrams for testing syllogisms – are useful.

Mr. Cothran does an excellent job dividing his text into daily lessons with exercises. This is something I wish other writers did. My Dad and my brother and I had difficulty understanding some of Mr. Cothran’s explanations of concepts.

Mr. Cothran has recently published a second volume to Traditional Logic.

Publisher: Memoria Press
Subjects Covered: Psychology of thought, categorical syllogisms
Self-teaching: *** Difficult explanations with gaps, daily lessons
Suggested Ages: 17-adult
Thoroughness: Teaches pre-1800s categorical syllogisms
Best Features: Well arranged daily lessons & exercises
Worst Features: Abstract explanations of concepts, incomplete treatment

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