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Here are articles we've written to help you learn about logic and thinking skills.

Thinking Tools

Reading Aloud (2008-03-01)
How to Stop a Fight With Logic (2005-10-01)
The Mystery of the Missing Moosechoux (2005-09-01)
Having a Brainstorm (2005-03-01)
The President Has a Banana (2005-01-02)
A Discussion A Disagreement An Argument and a Fight (2004-11-01)
Does a Possibly Make a Probably? (2004-09-01)
Contests and the Brain (2004-07-01)
Worrying about Worldview (2004-05-01)
Logic Isn't Just for the Other Guy (2004-05-01)
The Big Shootout (2004-03-01)
The Logic Revolution (2004-01-01)
An Admonition to Avoid Assumptions (2003-07-01)


The Fallacy of Y2K (2005-01-01)
How Logical Are You? (2003-11-01)
Short List of Fallacies (2002-04-01)


What is Logic, and Is It Dangerous? (2003-03-01)
Frequently Asked Questions about Logic (2000-12-01)
Logic Comes in Two Flavors (2000-09-01)
Our Experience with Logic (2000-04-01)
Applied Logic (2000-04-01)
The Tree of Logic (2000-04-01)

Books & Materials

How to Lie With Statistics by Derrell Huff (2008-05-19)
A Beginner’s Guide to Scientific Method by Stephen S. Carey (2004-06-26)
How We Know What Isn’t So by Thomas Gilovic (2003-08-01)
Why People Believe Weird Things by Michael Shermer (2003-03-01)
Introduction to Logic by Irving M. Copi and Carl Cohen (2000-04-11)
Traditional Logic by Martin Cothran (2000-04-10)
With Good Reason by S. Morris Engel (2000-04-09)
Come, Let Us Reason by Norman Geisler and Ronald Brooks (2000-04-08)
Critical Thinking by Anita Harnadek (2000-04-07)
The Art of Reasoning by David Kelley (2000-04-06)
Introductory Logic Audio Series by RC Sproul (2000-04-05)
Better Thinking & Reasoning by Ron Tagliapietra (2000-04-04)
Logic by Isaac Watts (2000-04-03)
A Rulebook for Arguments by Anthony Weston (2000-04-02)


Interview with Michael Baker (2005-02-18)

Learning Logic

How to Use The Fallacy Detective in a Homeschool (2008-05-03)
How to Use The Thinking Toolbox in a Classroom (2008-05-03)
Logic on the Web (2008-04-01)
How to Use The Fallacy Detective in a Classroom (2003-04-01)
Learning Logic at Home (2000-04-01)

Mind Twist

Puzzles and Games Answers (2008-07-25)
Puzzles and Games (2008-07-25)

News & Issues

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