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Logic in 100 Minutes

Workshop DVD

by Hans Bluedorn and Nathaniel Bluedorn

In two fifty-minute workshops Hans and Nathaniel introduce logic in a useful and fun way.

Part One: Learning to Think Logically – Hans and Nathaniel show how to spot propaganda and fallacies on TV and the Internet. They introduce ways parents and students can combat illogic around them. Common errors in reasoning are explained along with recommended books for learning more about logic.

Part Two: Using Your Thinking Toolbox – Hans and Nathaniel show how to look at both sides of a controversial topic and decide which is right. Logic can make boring subjects fun and memorable. Topics include: how to spot a scientific hoax, opposing viewpoints in history, and tools for scientific thinking.


"Propaganda" from Logic in 100 Minutes DVD

"Moon Landing Hoax" from Logic in 100 Minutes DVD

  1. Part One
    • Introduction
    • Authority Fallacies
    • Assumption Fallacies
    • Statistical Fallacies
    • Propaganda
    • Recommended Books
    • Conclusion and Questions
  2. Part Two
    • Using Your Brain
    • Opposing Viewpoints
    • History Detective
    • Does a Possibly Make a Probably?
    • Tools for Science
    • Science Projects
  3. Handouts

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