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With Good Reason by S. Morris Engel

by nbluedorn

Professor Engel tries to make informal fallacies and basic logic concepts available to the ordinary person. He is superbly successful at this, and entertaining. Engel includes a lot of comics along the way to illustrate what he teaches. Informal logical fallacies are the focus of With Good Reason, but before teaching them, he touches on the basic concepts of logical reasoning. Engel shows a special interest in how language influences the way we think. He believes informal fallacies are basically errors in language which confuse our thinking.

This text is popular in college critical thinking courses.

Publisher: St. Martins Press
Subjects Covered: Argument evaluation, basic logic concepts, language, logical fallacies, essay writing
Self-teaching: ***** Easy to understand explanations, many exercises
Suggested Ages: 15-adult
Thoroughness: Thorough treatment of informal fallacies
Best Features: Practical & easy explanations & exercises
Worst Features: Answers to 1/3 of exercises

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