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The Art of Reasoning by David Kelley

by nbluedorn

David Kelly thinks the art of logic is different from the science of logic. The art consists of the practical skills embodied in the more abstract science of logic. I found that Kelley directs his text more towards ordinary people, while Copi’s Introduction to Logic is more a standard textbook for college logic classrooms. This is why Kelley’s explanations are easier to understand, and why his examples and exercises try to build practical skills, rather than only an abstract understanding of the subject of logic.

Publisher: W. W. Norton
Subjects Covered: Classification, definition, language, argument (recognizing, etc.), logical fallacies, deductive logic (classical & modern), inductive logic (generalization, etc.)
Self-teaching: **** Quizzes with answers, adequate explanations
Suggested Ages: 17-adult
Thoroughness: Thorough on all topics
Best Features: More practical than Copi, thorough
Worst Features: Instructor’s Manual hard to obtain

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