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Logic by Gordon Clark

by Nathaniel Bluedorn

I wish Clark had written a more useful logic text. With his excellent perspective and dry wit he could have done better than he did. Clark fails to write for a practical audience. Though he teaches a good Christian philosophy of logic, he does not do a good job of presenting the methods and rules of formal logic.

John Robbins produced a series of lectures called “Introduction to Logic” using Clark’s text and Carranza’s Logic Workbook (out of print). Though Mr. Robbins is often dry, his distinctly Christian approach to logic and science gives us a good perspective on those subjects. Robbins uses Clark’s Logic text as a groundwork and Carranza’s Logic Workbook (out of print) for exercises. The exercises in logic are often hard to follow. Interspersed among the logic lectures are excellent lectures on the philosophy of logic and science. If for no other reason, I would recommend this series for the Christian philosophy of logic and science. These lectures are available for free download at

Publisher: The Trinity Foundation
Subjects Covered: Definition, categorical syllogisms, some symbolic logic, Christian philosophy of logic
Self-teaching: * Difficult language, advanced explanations & theory
Suggested Ages: 18-adult
Thoroughness: Short intro. to logic
Best Features: Distinctly Christian philosophy
Worst Features: Abstract explanations & advanced topics, hard to follow exercise reviews, answer key out of print

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