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Introductory Logic Audio Series by RC Sproul

by nbluedorn

I enjoyed Mr. Sproul’s lectures immensely. He has a way of bringing the logical fallacies down to home and of showing them to be what they really are. His presentation of the Christian philosophy of logic and the foundational role logic plays in Bible interpretation was excellent. He taught that the law of Non-Contradiction is inseparably intertwined with Christianity.

Unless you have studied syllogisms, Sproul’s exercises in testing syllogisms by Venn diagrams are hard to follow. I would recommend this series of tapes for an introduction to Christian philosophy of logic and for an entertaining intermission between other studies in logic.

Publisher: Legonier Ministries
Subjects Covered: Christian philosophy of logic, logical fallacies, basic logic terms, intro to syllogisms
Self-teaching: **** Understandable explanations
Suggested Ages: 16-adult
Thoroughness: Fallacies & philosophy covered well, syllogisms incomplete
Best Features: Entertaining lessons in Christian philosophy and logical fallacies
Worst Features: Treatment of syllogisms hard to follow & incomplete

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