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Introduction to Logic by Irving M. Copi and Carl Cohen

by nbluedorn

For many years I’d heard that Copi was a standard logic text in college. So I read it and I wasn’t disappointed. Copi helped me understand the length and breadth of the subject of logic. I would compare Introduction to Logic to an advanced math or calculus text. Though I learned more from this text than from any other, I did not learn many practical skills. I did, however, get the perspective I wanted. I would recommend Copi’s text for those who feel confident tackling difficult and abstract concepts and who would like to have a standard perspective on the subject of logic.

Publisher: Prentice Hall
Subjects Covered: Diagramming arguments, language, definition, logical fallacies, deductive logic (categorical syllogisms & symbolic logic), inductive logic (analogy, experimental & scientific)
Self-teaching: ** College level text, few answers to exercises
Suggested Ages: 18-adult
Thoroughness: Standard college text
Best Features: Thorough, widely used in college classes
Worst Features: Few answers to exercises, doesn’t emphasize practical skills

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