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Critical Thinking by Anita Harnadek

by nbluedorn

Critical Thinking Books 1 and Book 2 were what my mother first used to teach us logic. Fun to do, these books are still a practical and usable starting place for learning informal logic. Each concept is broken down into lessons with a wealth of exercises which focus on real-life experience. If for no other reason, the sections on logical fallacies and propaganda techniques make these books worth studying.

These books are used in public high schools to teach critical thinking.

Publisher: Critical Thinking Books & Software
Subjects Covered: Critical thinking (informal logic), elementary symbolic logic, logical fallacies
Self-teaching: ***** Easy to understand explanations, examples & exercises
Suggested Ages: 13-adult
Thoroughness: Teaches practical aspects of logic
Best Features: Totally self-teaching, many comprehensive exercises
Worst Features: Some old fashioned political correctness

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