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Come, Let Us Reason by Norman Geisler and Ronald Brooks

by nbluedorn

Geisler and Brooks present a clear Christian view of logic and use examples in the text which are distinctly Christian or directly from the Bible. This text is hard to use as a self-teaching tool because the explanations are short and difficult to understand. Come, Let Us Reason might do well in a classroom situation with a teacher.

Publisher: Baker Book House
Subjects Covered: Christian philosophy of logic, categorical syllogisms, elementary symbolic logic, logical fallacies, inductive scientific reasoning
Self-teaching: *** Short difficult explanations, too few exercises
Suggested Ages: 18-adult
Thoroughness: Basic intro. to logic
Best Features: Christian philosophy of logic
Worst Features: Difficult explanations, written for classroom use

Copyright April 08, 2000, all rights reserved. 8151 views

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