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Better Thinking & Reasoning by Ron Tagliapietra

by nbluedorn

When my family used this book, we had difficulty understanding some of Tagliapietra’s explanations. Because the book lacks a clear system, it is sometimes hard to follow. This book intermingles modern symbolic logic with informal logic. It does not cover categorical syllogisms.

The practical and Biblical applications of logic were helpful, as were the exercises. I do believe other books do a better job teaching logic, though they are not as distinctly Christian as Tagliapietra.

Publisher: Bob Jones University Press
Subjects Covered: Definitions, elementary symbolic logic, logical fallacies, applications for logic
Self-teaching: *** Inadequate explanations with gaps, good practical exercises
Suggested Ages: 17-adult
Thoroughness: Misses many topics in logic
Best Features: Practical applications and exercises
Worst Features: A broad selection of topics are taught somewhat un-systematically

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