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A Rulebook for Arguments by Anthony Weston

by nbluedorn

Weston tries to follow the style of Strunk & White’s classic creative writing text, Elements of Style. He gives us rules for creating arguments from examples, analogy, authority, cause, and deductive reasoning, along with general rules for any sort of argument. You are taught a three step process when writing an argument. Fallacies and definition are touched on at the close of the book.

I would recommend this Rulebook for a practical introduction to writing research papers and argumentative essays.

Publisher: Hackett Publishing Co.
Subjects Covered: Argument evaluation, argumentation, some logical fallacies, definition
Self-teaching: **** Easy to understand explanations
Suggested Ages: 15-adult
Thoroughness: Covers argumentation
Best Features: Clear explanations and concise format
Worst Features: None

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